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Don't forget to collect MCF nfts!
MCF nfts will be on the top 10 most valuable nfts soon! make sure you have one😊

The future of MCF (Meta Cool Friends)

MCF carries everyone's expectations for a new generation of crypto currencies because it has the following advantages

βœ… High security
βœ… Large room for appreciation
βœ… Easier transmission and transaction
βœ… Market transactions are more convenient

MCF is not an ordinary NFTs. MCF is first and one of a kind with its unique feature where in you can customize accessories during minting. Be the one who will experience and owned a unique NFTs.

βœ… Minting price starts at $200 worth of polygon
βœ… Only 10,000 Unique Meta Cool Friends Characters
βœ… Minting site:

βœ… Join our Official groups