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Jomar Soriano
Jomar Soriano
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Don't forget to collect MCF nfts!
MCF nfts will be on the top 10 most valuable nfts soon! make sure you have one😊

The future of MCF (Meta Cool Friends)

MCF carries everyone's expectations for a new generation of crypto currencies because it has the following advantages

✅ High security
✅ Large room for appreciation
✅ Easier transmission and transaction
✅ Market transactions are more convenient

MCF is not an ordinary NFTs. MCF is first and one of a kind with its unique feature where in you can customize accessories during minting. Be the one who will experience and owned a unique NFTs.

✅ Minting price starts at $200 worth of polygon
✅ Only 10,000 Unique Meta Cool Friends Characters
✅ Minting site:

✅ Join our Official groups




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Jomar Soriano
Jomar Soriano 28 days ago

Collect your MCF nfts now!

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